MSJ have led the 'Civils' design on a number of Process Intensive Projects (EfW, IVC, composting and Biomass) built in the UK, and have an enviable understanding of how processes interact with their buildings and infrastructure.


Energy from Waste (EfW)

Melia Smith & Jones have built up a thorough knowledge of the waste sector over many years, which has evolved into direct commissions with various Waste Management companies. MSJ have been involved in many of the recently constructed Energy from Waste facilities built in the UK and have developed, for example, a detailed civil work specification specifically for this type of project.

Exeter EfW

MSJ are the lead civil works designer on the project. We are involved in all aspects of the design. Our role includes co-ordinating interfaces with the process works.


Owner's Engineer

MSJ have worked for many clients advising and acting as the Owner’s civil engineer. The role is often part of a larger client team.

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Eastcroft EfW

MSJ first attended the Eastcroft facility in 2004. Since then MSJ have worked on various civil works projects consisting of designs, tendering procedure, contractor selection and contract administration.

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Power / Energy

Melia Smith & Jones' knowledge and understanding of the waste process sector, and Energy from Waste (EfW) plant in particular, has led into other projects that involve Power/Energy production utilising other fuels. This has opened new opportunities in bio-mass, for example, which whilst using wood, or similar fuel sources, are very comparable to EfW plants and therefore are familiar.

J G Pears Bio-mass

New bio-mass CHP fuelled by meat and bone meal. Melia Smith & Jones were commissioned to do all the sub-structure civil design works as well as upgrading the client’s existing site infrastructure.

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Speyside Bio-mass CHP

Clean wood burning CHP in the highlands of Scotland. Melia Smith & Jones worked within the EPC team as the lead civil works designer. Responsible for all foundations, external works, fuel store, ancillary structures and co-ordination of other civil designers.

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West Burton Flue Gas Desulphurisation Retrofit

MSJ were appointed by STEAG encotec AG as part of their Owner’s Engineer team. MSJ provided Civil Engineering support on site working directly with the client.

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Bio-Mass Facilities

MSJ are working closely with technology providers specialising in burning renewable sources of low grade timber to produce heat and power. Various schemes have been put forwards for planning approval and budgeting the civil elements.

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Process Intensive

Melia Smith & Jones have a good understanding of how processes interact with their buildings and infrastructure. On process intensive projects the building works, whilst important, must be properly co-ordinated with the process engineers to develop workable schemes. Designs must also be flexible to allow for continuous process design development as the civil works are being constructed.

Tunnel Tech (Stage 1 Mushroom Compost)

The concrete bunkers, 8m in cross section and each 50m long are used to make first stage mushroom compost. MSJ subsequently did projects for the 2nd and 3rd stages.

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Etwall IVC

MSJ were appointed by Biffa to assist in development and costing the civil works on a new IVC plant near Derby. MSJ then took on the lead designer role for the Civil Contractor, covering all aspects of the civil design.

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Ufton IVC

Following on from Etwall, Biffa won the bid for green waste composting contracts in Warwickshire. Biffa re-assembled the Etwall team to build the new facility. MSJ were appointed as the civil designers.

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